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  • Baza Bakery makes the best-baked goods for retailers and businesses.
    Quality, reliability, and value are our signature ingredients. We have streamlined our production process and delivery methods to serve the retail and wholesale bakery needs of customers and businesses throughout in Togo that require the right product at a reasonable price–on time, every time.
    • Families
    • Schools
    • Groceries Stores
    • Wedding Ceremonies
    • Event Planners
    • Corporate Organizations


    Baza Bakery financially empowers widows, sustains quality education of underprivileged kids and feeds orphans and streets kids in Africa

    Our objectives

    • Empowers widows by hiring the mothers of kids enrolled in Baza Education Programs to work at the bakery in order to make money to support their families and the education of their children.

    • Generate revenues to pay Baza Education tutors and Coordinators.

    • Feed the needy kids and the orphans at orphanages with the surplus of bread from the bakery.

    Company History

    Since 2012, Baza Baza Corporation has been on its journey helping more than twenty thousand orphans and kids from poor families to acquire quality education. Baza creates more than three hundred jobs in Togo. The Baza education program is focused on free afterschool tutoring, distribution of school supplies, scholarship, coaching, career planning, and community building initiatives across Togo. Today Baza education is operating in 27 antennas consisting of villages or localities spread across the country.