Feed Orphanages

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  • Baza Bakery feeds street kids and orphanages with the surplus of bread from the bakery. We should not view caring for orphans and widows as simply a command from God we must fulfill “or else.” There is a tremendous blessing in serving and standing up for orphans and widows. In considering what our own attitude should be toward the orphans and widows around us, it’s helpful to remember that all of us were adopted into God’s family through Jesus Christ and betrothed to Christ. It is our joy and privilege to partner with God in loving, serving, and protecting the orphans and widows among us. Please help us in our mission by donating toward this project.

    Street children are often subject to abuse, neglect, exploitationThere are various reasons to expect that street children would develop self-defeating behaviors, but some seem able to cope effectively with the harsh challenges they face each day. Although some street children in Accra do steal, sniff glue, use drugs or are promiscuous, these problems are not widespread


    Please click on this link to see list of the orphanages that we support: