Support for Widows

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  • Financial support for widows, girls and battled women

    Baza Bakery focuses on wholesale. We give widows our products for 20% less the retail price, which will help them an opportunity to make some profit for themselves and help them become self-sufficient. The current market offers 12% less retail price.

    Some widows want to become our retailers but have no money to buy the bread from us. We give them chance to work at the bakery to earn money and credit to become our retailers.

    We know that women and girls are a powerful force for change. And when we put women and girls at the center of development, we can break the cycle of poverty.

    There are loads of girls on the street who will readily find our baking training classes highly ideal. This may encourage them to leave the street life in favor of earning a decent honest living working at Baza Bakery. Many battled women, orphans and Baza students will also have the opportunity to learn and acquire new workforce skills.